Hands-on review: Sony Xperia Z4v

Introduction and design Sony’s latest flagship smartphone, the Z4v, is an offshoot of the Xperia Z4 and Xperia Z3+ that’s making its way to US shores by way of Verizon Wireless. The new release aims to provide the best traits of each of those phones, while also offering enough aesthetic and internal boosts to trump last year’s Xperia Z3v, which was also available through Verizon Wireless. While the build we got our hands on was only a working prototype and didn’t feature final software, the presentation was complete enough for us to make some snap judgment calls before its tentative summer release. Based on our initial impressions, the Z4v has what it takes to hang with the sharpest and most powerful smartphones available in the US. But if you were hoping for a direction translation of the Xperia Z4 or Z3+, you might be a little disappointed. Design Sony’s line of smartphones rarely receive a massive design overhaul and the new Xperia Z4v is no exception. While it does bring along some minor, …
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Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Review

Today we review the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active from AT&T. This device takes the innards of the Galaxy S6, expanding the exterior bits to make a device that’s resistant to the elements as well as shock. You can drop this one. While the original Galaxy “Active” device wasn’t quite as resistant to the one truest danger of all, dropping the … Continue reading
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Entertaining prospect: Amazon Fire TV Stick

HDMI telly streaming dongle with X-Ray vision Review   Amazon’s Fire TV Stick may well be late to the streaming HDMI dongle party but, as is the company’s wont, it’s even later when it comes to turning up in European markets. Still, it’s here now and keenly priced too at just £35. OK, so Google’s Chromecast is only £30 but at least Amazon supplies a remote control.…
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